Making a pose in 3ds Max

The following steps will create a pose that sticks until the user removes the product (an infinitely long pose).
To have the pose only last for a set period (5 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.), see the notes at the bottom of this document.

Note: Values changed from the defaults are highlighted below for ease of spotting things.

Click Here For Video

Video is ~ 7 minutes, streaming at 640x480 and requires flash. Size is ~18mb


Inside 3ds Max:

  1. Open an avatar file
  2. Adjust avatar (see notes at bottom for hints/tips)
  3. Select Female03MasterRoot
  4. Export Cal3d Animation File (XAF)
    1. Step 1: Select standard female skeleton
    2. Step 2: Leave everything checked for a full body pose
    3. Step 3: Use the following:
      1. Start Frame: 0
      2. End Frame: 1
      3. Displacement: 0
      4. Frame Rate: 30


Inside the Previewer:

To make a pose that’s held “forever”:

  1. Derive from 2191901 (bottom-most menu item on newer previewers)
  2. Actions tab, click Add
  3. Actions tab, in the cyan colored "action" area:
    1. Trigger: zombie (or whatever word you want)
    2. #ensembles played: 1 (loop 1 time only)
  4. Actions tab, in the red colored "Ensemble" area:
    1. .xaf: Browse to your file
    2. Frame Controls, #loops: 0 (infinite)
    3. Frame Controls, Loop start: 0
    4. Frame Controls, end: 1
    5. Blend In/Out: 5 (for both)
    6. Composition: Replace


Tweaks to make a temporary Pose:

To make a pose that stops after 5 seconds, 30 seconds, etc.

First, follow all steps above.

In the Previewer, tweak the following:

  1. Actions tab, in the cyan colored "action" area:
    1. #ensembles played: 1 (loop 1 time only)
  2. Actions tab, in the red colored "Ensemble" area:
    1. Frame Controls, #loops: (30 x Number Of Seconds For Pose)
      1. For a 5 second pose: 150
      2. For a 30 second pose: 900
      3. For a 5 minute pose: 9000


Testing in Previewer:

To test in the Previewer make sure you press the “Play Action” button on the Actions tab. Typing in the trigger word will not work in the previewer.



Extra notes:

Hints/Tips for adjusting avatar in 3ds Max

1.      Everything is relative to Female03MasterRoot. ie, don't move or rotate

2.      Move or rotate Pelvis as needed

3.      Rotate other bones (do not move)

4.      Sometimes Local mode works better, especially for fingers


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