Below are tutorials to help mesh developers on IMVU. They focus on using 3ds Max and cover all levels from beginner to advanced. These are all created by Dan Jones, aka nerseus, and are not affiliated with IMVU nor Autodesk in any way.

Most of the links below will take you directly to a video though a few have text/screenshots.

NOTE: many of these show how to setup the product using the old “previewer,” not Create Mode. The “previewer” was a stand alone tool for creating products to be submitted to IMVU. These tool is now obsolete as all development is done in the client through “Create Mode.” The steps are shown in the videos and screenshots should be identical though the screens will be slightly different. The one difference is the discussion of XRF / material files. You no longer need to export XRF files except under VERY rare circumstances.




28 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. What about heads and avatars ?
    can you make some tutorials about that when you are free
    thanks ,you have the best tutorials ever :)

  2. I need tutorial about making anyskin items(tails,ears,horns,….)it seems there is nothing about it or i cant find any.i would be thankfull for any links or new tutorial about it,if it is not problem.

  3. i realy need video tutorial about head meshing in 3ds max,english is not my first lang. so it is hard to me to learn it from education center so i need to see how somone who knows it do it.pleas help? thank you.

  4. Hello, I am having a problem with the white male avatar, I watched the video on how to fix the white avatar problem but it only shows how to fix the white female avatar problem. Can you please help

    • The main issue with the white avatar is that the paths stored in the Max file that comes from IMVU are not the same paths on your machine. That is, they may have a skin under C:mattskinsskin.jpg but you wouldn’t have that path. To fix that issue, you have to setup the material locations so max knows where to find the textures. It’s the same for male and female.

    • Yes and no. Yes to full outfits – at least two that I know of. But no to hats, specifically. Hats are pretty simple “accessories” that only need weighting to the Head bone. If you’ve meshed almost anything then a hat would be pretty simple.

      For full outfit tutorials check the imvu 3D forums and search for adelleG’s or DeadlySin’s tutorials. They each have *long* video tutorials that will answer almost all questions. I’ve found AdelleG to be very helpful as well. DeadlySin is probably helpful, too, I just haven’t had a chance to talk with him. Good luck!

      Oh! To “search” the forums I highly recommend using Google and NOT the forum search. The search built into the imvu website does NOT work. Google works great if you know how to limit it to searching just the imvu forums :P

  5. Hi ner..wonder if you could help me as i can’t view your tuts on my smartphone…have moved and not on pc internet..
    I’m still making things for when i do come back online…
    I have made a dress with another layer over the top and wanting to also add the shorts in…do i weigh them separately and then select Dress shorts and layer and export them…or am i doing this all wrong..please could you give me alittle info…many thanx hunni x

  6. Hi Nerseus,
    i had watched your horn tutorial, its awesome how you explain and show what to do. I had created skeleton(like dummy) and mesh file for the horn, i did step by step and when i uploaded in create mode, it didnt show any options for new texture file. i up the skeleton and then mesh but no changes. is there any idea where did it go wrong?
    Thnaks for tutorials. take care

  7. Hi, I just want you to know that I’ve learned much from your tutorials and I really love it and I want to thank you for the effort that you make doing this.
    Basically I’m facing a problem with one of the tutorials which is the “Skintight” both parts, basically every time I follow your steps and do exactly as you do but when it comes to the step of attaching the skirt to the body like right before that my view port shows the skirt nested with the “nakedPelvis” mesh, when i checked the 2nd part of the tutorial I found that you had slightly the same problem at “3:25” of the video on both sighs of the avatar and like you pulled them out with the movement tool, I tried that and it didn’t work good for me as I kept pulling the mesh trying to fit it around with no size change, my question is – is that the only way to get around it or do you recommend something else? thanks in advance for your help.

  8. Hey Nerseus,

    first of all thank you for those nice tuts. Can’t seem to figure out how to create an Animated Accessoire though, the Tutorial for that is really out of date and doesnt work for me at all. Always crashes when trying to export the mesh.

    Maybe you could do a really quick new one?

    Greetings from Germany,

    • Scratch that… i don’t know what i did different now but i just tried it one more time and it worked -.-

  9. hey hw r u? wow! u helpin so much, can u pls help me , how to add a belt on the cloth,or skirt?can u answer me in my email?my english is not good but i hope u did understand me..i will thank u so much for that..hugs

  10. Hi Ner, i’m from the Netherlands and your tuts are awesome. It makes me 3D Max more understand how it works and since the last three months i used 3D Max for creating on imvu. I have seen the tut of furniture pose and couple pose and it works great for me because of you, thank you so much. But now i have a question for you, because now i know how to make a standard furniture pose and couple i want more :) I wanna learn how to make a animation couple pose and i found a lot on the web with bip files of mocap, but can i change the animation how i want it? or can i make a couple animation without the bip file? If so, can you make a tut how to make a animation couple pose? Thanks for all your work, i’m a big fan of you. Greatings from the Netherlands.

  11. A very useful tutorial, but I can make IMVU products, I also learned 3ds max as well.
    I have always wanted to learn 3ds max. finally now understand little by little. sir please help tutorial to create a tall avatar from 3dsmax.
    Thank you so much. I hope better n better.

  12. Hello. I know you don’t know me but i jsut started to do meshing and your videos are just amazing. Thanks a lot. I keep saving them all so i can use them to help me when i make something.
    Thanks to your tutorial i jut made some earrings :p (yes i know baic stuff but eh T.T i just started with 3D max). I just want ot thank you and can’t wait for more tutorials. I am a complete dummy and for me 3D max is still science fiction so far.

    But hopefully i will use your videos, some other tuts and youtube to learn :) I admit i wish i could find a more, well accurate on how to make hairs, like a imple haircut :p. One day maybe. Thanks a lot :)

  13. Love your tutorials Ner! I’d love to see something in depth on making the actual shoe, how to make the mesh, what modifiers may need to be used etc! But, I do learn soooo much from your tutorials! I wish I had the patience to pay it forward, though I do try where I can! :)

    • Thank you for the comment, Lindomar!! I love hearing they help out. Gives me courage to keep making them. :)

  14. Your tutorials are great, they help a lot for someone starting 3DS Max like me. Though, if I had any suggestions/request it would be if you could tweak your audio a bit. Some times its fuzzy and some times it’s quiet and choppy so I have to turn up my speakers pretty loud. Other than that you’re just as good at doing tutorials as Bucky Roberts(thenewboston.com) or Andrew Crammer(videocopilot.net). ^^ Thanks a ton!

    • Good comment! I will try to do some editing going forward. Thus far, I have no script and no rehearsal. I just jump in and record. I know how to edit, I just haven’t committed any time to it yet. That would also mean listening to myself talk and if I have to do that, I might not ever release anything. :P But hissing and such – I can work on that! Thanks for the feedback!

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