IMVU Dev Tool

The IMVU Dev Tool is an upcoming Windows application that will help developers of IMVU products in their workflow. It will make it easy to upload new products, setup animations, attach textures/materials, take screenshots for product pages and more!

The project is still in alpha testing but below are some screenshots to show progress. The feature-set is not yet complete but we are working hard to get the first alpha finished and in the hands of excited developers!

Some progress with loading “any” mesh/animation, integrating with the IMVU avatar, and a default female avatar. My integration broke a few things (poor Female avatar), but should be easy to fix.
When things go wrong, they usually go very very wrong…
Rebuilding documentation on different aspects of IMVU and Unity
Recoding the Unity shaders to support all of IMVUs material flags
Loading an avatar including custom animations (morph and skeletal both working for avatar and accessories)
The IMVU Dev tools showing the Scene Tree and main toolbars
IMVU Dev tools showing the in-progress Mesh and Material editor
IMVU Dev tools showing the ability to change the “room” options (sphere or box, and main color)
IMVU Dev tools showing the ability to import (almost) any file format. In this case, a DAE file (duck) has been imported and being manipulated in the scene
Merging my custom app with the IMVU avatar – getting closer every day!